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My story

My name is Temmoria F. Bradley and welcome to Simply Blessed Scents. Are you ready to learn a little bit about me and my start up? I am a woman who loves candles; I love the scents, the ambiance and the way they make me feel. Candles are something I would always buy no matter where I am. My husband, Kevin, use to make candles but had not made them in a while. One day I asked him to make candles as I was tired of spending money on the ones in the store. Kevin asked me, “Why don’t I teach you how to make them?” This made me nervous as I knew nothing about making candles and honestly I thought it would be a lot of work. Needless to say, I took the challenge and learned how to make them and it was easier than what I expected. Not only did I learn how to make candles, but I also came up with so many different ideas to do with my candles as you can see in the picture gallery. This is how Simply Blessed Scents was created. Some have asked why the name Simply Blessed Scents, here is how I explain it. When I think of the word simply, a few things come to mind for me: Simply Beautiful, Simply Pretty, Simply Creative. When I think of Blessed what comes to mind for me is that I am blessed and my goal is to bless others with my hidden talent. When I think of my motto, my job is to provide Supreme Candle Scents for my customers. One thing about Simply Blessed Scents, the candles are made with blessed hands and love and we are not ordinary we are extraordinary. My goal is to provide a great look with an amazing scent to be added to your home, office, event or any special occasion! You cant go wrong with SBS.

My Vision

My vision at Simply Blessed Scents is to become a beacon of light in the lives of our customers, offering not just candles but an experience that enriches the soul and elevates the spirit. We envision a world where every flicker of our candles signifies a moment of peace, a breath of inspiration, and a connection to the simple yet profound joys of life.

My mission

At Simply Blessed Scents, our mission is to illuminate lives with the transformative power of fragrance. We are dedicated to crafting candles that not only enhance the beauty of any space but also create an ambiance of warmth, comfort, and serenity.

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